Become a Monk

A place with a Sense of Life

At the very root of any monastic life, there is the discovery of the tremendous love with which God, gratuitously and without return, loved us. And it is in order to respond to that love that the monk want to dedicate his life to God.

The monastery is a place where the ultimate sense of life is asserted, lived in community. Monks search God and follow on the footpath of Christ into a stable community, a brotherly school of charity. Our 10 brethren community lives according to the Rule of saint Benedict. The Father Abbot is commited to lead this little flock to the good pastures and makes sure that the monastery be a true “school for the service of God” in which each one progresses on the way of love.

Saint Benedict’s motto, “Pax” – Peace, is reflected on the face of those whose heart desires the only life in God. The watchwords of the Rule resume the monks’ occupation : “Ora et labora” – Pray and work. Prayer is the meeting place with God : community liturgic prayer, and personnal prayer, it is at the very heart of the monk’s life. It is supported by the Lectio Divina – the spiritual reading, especially the Holy Scriptures, in which the brothers meets Christ and deepers the mystery of His love. Each brother is being given a duty, preferably manual, whici allows the community to secure its subsistence.


oelenberg-reiningue-10The training, which starts at the very entrance and continues for the whole life, is multilevelled : human, doctrinal and spiritual. Solitude, unceasing prayer, humble work, volontary poverty, chastity within celibacy and obedience are no human technics and cannot be learned from human masters. Still, the abbot’s teaching, the senior’s experience and wisdom, as well as the community’s support and steadfast exemple may be greatly useful to brethren, particularly during the trials and vicissitudes which punctuate the spiritual path.

The candidates for monastic life are welcomed with kindness; nevertheless “they are not granted an easy access”, according to saint Benedict’s advice. After some time at the monastery, they are admitted as applicants for a few months, before receiving the monastic habit, sign of admission to noviciate.  After two years of noviciate, the brother may apply for temporary vows, for a usual duration of three years. At the end of this period, if the brother and the community spot together this vocation of God, the brother may do vows until death – the solemn profession -, act by which he is definitely incorporated into the Order.

Our church, as any church of our Order, and each monk, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Symbol of the Church in the order of faith, love and perfect union with Christ.