Discover our history, current events, the Cistercian Trappist order … The Oelenberg Abbey, a high place of spirituality in Alsace since the 11th century.



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Our Lady of Oelenberg Abbey

Notre-Dame d’Oelenberg Abbey is a French Trappist abbey, founded in 1046 and located in Alsace near Mulhouse. At first very prosperous in the 13th century, it was ruined by wars in the 14th century, and then began a long period of instability and decline.

It was not until 1825 that Oelenberg Abbey was finally revived and held on, despite the two destructions of the two World Wars!
Today, 9 Trappist monks still live there, according to the rule of Saint Benedict: “prayer and work”. In addition to the seven daily prayers, the Trappists of Oelenberg Abbey work with their hands in the management of the abbey and in the workshops.

Baking incredible meringues, making homemade pasta, making small biscuits etc. All this with the abbey’s famous flour, produced with the monks’ own wheat fields!