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A community project to promote and preserve heritage

Despite the upheavals of history, during its 10 centuries of life, Oelenberg Abbey has, thanks to the resilience of the communities, always been able to rise, shine, progress and develop. Today, it is a great and beautiful cultural site and an important link in the local economic life.
On the eve of its 1,000th anniversary, it must continue to adapt by undertaking renovation work, in order to pursue its primary vocation: hospitality.


icone blé oelenberg

Sustaining our economic activities

Our renovation needs are numerous, and in order to ensure stable finances for our community, we decided to invest in our economic activities first. To do this, we have set up an equity loan which has enabled us to invest over €900,000 in our activities:

The Oelenberg mill produces flours that are renowned and recognised throughout Alsace, but also throughout France.

It is distributed in the abbey shop, in local craft shops, in the national network of monastic shops, as well as in Alsatian supermarkets.

Bread flour is also delivered to professionals in the food industry: bakers, pastry cooks, butchers, caterers, restaurant owners, etc

In order to perpetuate the work tool, and to allow an increase in production volumes, we have undertaken the modernisation of the mill. This involves developing the systems from the arrival of the wheat to the bagging of the flours. This will enable us to ensure and stabilise the exceptional quality of our flour.

Provisional date of works: autumn 2022

icone blé oelenbergWhere are we now?

14 June 2022: The new manufacturing diagram is validated and all the machinery to be replaced is finalised. We are waiting for the return of potential subsidies to validate the quotes.


Soutien financier Région Grand Est

Avec le soutien financier de la Région Grand Est

The abbey has been growing rapeseed in its fields for several years. This cereal has been planted in order to reduce the surface area of maize cultivation, which we know is harmful to the ecosystem.

Today, the monks of Oelenberg wish to develop this crop by processing the rapeseed on site at the abbey.

Rapeseed oil is a very promising market. It is an essential source of omega 3, rich in vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids “omega 9” and polyunsaturated “omega 3 and 6”, as well as vitamin E.

In an ecological concern, the monks’ oil will be bottled in glass bottles in order to limit the use of plastic in the consumption circuits.

The building that will house the oil mill already exists. It will be rehabilitated and the technical installations and the press will be installed there.

The monks’ oil will be distributed in the abbey shop, as well as in the shops of the French monastic network.

Provisional date of work: WORK IN PROGRESS

icone blé oelenbergWhere are we now?

14 June 2022: The renovation of the premises is underway and is being carried out in-house. The press and equipment are ordered for delivery in September 2022.


Soutien financier Région Grand Est

Avec le soutien financier de la Région Grand Est

With a surface area of 300 m2, the shop offers more than 3,000 references of monastic and local products in various sectors: Oelenberg products, food, food supplements, well-being, cosmetics, wine and spirits, bookstore, devotional objects, home and cleaning …

A project to enlarge the shop is underway in order to develop the range of monastic products, but also those made by local craftsmen.

The expansion of the shop will bring more light into the shop, with the installation of a large bay window. A light and bright bookshop area will be created.

At the same time, we will create a glass opening behind the cash desk, in order to bring more light to the small potato sales room.

Provisional date of work: WORK IN PROGRESS

icone blé oelenbergWhere are we now?

27 May 2022: Start date of the works.
14 June 2022: The two walls to be knocked down are down.
17 June 2022: Installation of the first IPN and demolition of the floor slab.
21 June 2022: The concrete screed was poured.


Soutien financier Région Grand Est

Avec le soutien financier de la Région Grand Est

icone blé oelenbergHeritage preservation

Although cloistered, the monks welcome with simplicity those who knock on the door of the monastery. Guests have the possibility to attend mass, to go to confession, to be listened to or accompanied, to make a silent retreat..

For this reason, it is urgent to bring our guest house up to standard in order to meet the expectations of our guests. Everything is linked.

Thus, within the framework of this renovation project, the emphasis will be placed on both the environmental aspect (water treatment, choice of eco-responsible products and materials) and the social aspect, with the recruitment of a reinsertion employee to maintain the rooms and common areas.

The monastery is a place to breathe, conducive to fraternal exchanges and the discovery of one’s inner self. It is a haven of peace in a hectic and noisy world where isolation and individualism are sources of much suffering.

During a retreat at the abbey’s guesthouse, many people tell us that they have found the strength to regain their footing.

It is therefore essential to perpetuate this heritage as soon as possible.

In order to plan the renovation of the buildings, the priority is to protect them.

This is why the roofs will be renovated on the whole.

In a few figures, Oelenberg Abbey has 10,000 m2 of roofs and 17 km of gutters

At present, the entire abbey is heated by oil. In order to respond to the ecological and economic challenges of our time, a feasibility study for the installation of a new type of heating system is underway.

The community wishes to move towards biomass heating, wood, pellets, miscanthus, etc

The future of the monks’ community depends on community life and vocations, but it also depends on their living quarters, which are almost 1000 years old. This is why a project to renovate the abbey’s facades is underway.

The starting point of the abbey’s history, founded in 1046, the chapel was consecrated by Pope Saint Leo IX in person in 1049.

Listed as a Bâtiments de France

building, it must undergo work in order to continue to exist in the heritage of Alsace, and to continue to welcome prayers.

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