icone blé oelenberg

The Community

Abbaye Oelenberg la communauté


The monks of the Abbey of Our Lady of Oelenberg willingly offer stays in the monastery to single men of all ages to discover the monastic vocation:

  • Sharing the prayer and work of the brothers
  • Meeting God in the silence and joy of living together
  • Discovering Cistercian spirituality
  • Meet the monks

The dates and the form of the stay are to be defined with the Father Hotelier; do not hesitate to contact him for any information.

Women and girls interested in the monastic life can contact our Trappistine sisters at Baumgarten Abbey.

Becoming a Monk

A place where there is a Meaning of Life

At the root of all monastic life is the discovery of theimmense love with which God, freely and without return, has loved us. And it is to respond to this love

that the monk wants to consecrate his life to God.

The monastery is a place where the ultimate meaning of life is affirmed and lived in community. The monks seek God and follow Christ in a stable community, a school of fraternal charity. Our community of 9 brothers lives according to the Rule of Saint Benedict. The Abbot is responsible for leading this small flock onto the right pastures and for ensuring that the monastery is a true “school of the Lord’s service” in which everyone progresses on the path of love.

The motto of St. Benedict, ‘Pax’ – Peace, is reflected in the faces of those whose hearts desire the one life in God. The words of the Rule sum up the activity of the monks: “Ora et labora” – Pray and work. Prayer is the place of encounter with God: community liturgical prayer and personal prayer are at the heart of the monk’s life. It is supported by Lectio divina – spiritual reading, especially of the Holy Scriptures, in which the brother encounters Christ and deepens the mystery of His love. Each brother is given a job, preferably manual work, which enables the community to ensure its subsistence.


Formation, which begins on entry and continues throughout life, takes place on several levels: human, doctrinal and spiritual. Solitude, unceasing prayer, humble work, voluntary poverty, chastity in celibacy and obedience are not human techniques and cannot be learned from human teachers. Nevertheless, the teaching of the abbot, the experience and wisdom of the elders, and the constant support and example of the community can be of great help to the brothers, especially during the trials and vicissitudes of the spiritual journey.

Aspirants to the monastic life are welcomed with kindness; however, “they are not easily granted entrance”, according to the advice of St Benedict. After some time in the monastery, they are welcomed as postulants for several months, before receiving the monastic habit, a sign of admission to the novitiate. After two years of novitiate, the brother may ask to make temporary vows, usually for three years. At the end of this period, if the friar and the community discern together this call from God, the friar may make vows until death – solemn profession – by which act he is definitively incorporated into the Order.

Our church, like every church in our Order, and every monk, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Figure of the Church in the order of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ.

Arte report

The life of the monks at Oelenberg Abbey